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Whoo! Sorry to go so long without posting an update. In a twist on the Golden Rule, I always feel that if I don’t have anything interesting to say, I prefer not to say anything at all.

The rhythm of life has changed a lot around here. Miss E hit the 6 month mark in October and started crawling, so she is requiring fewer naps and more attention and interaction. It is raining regularly. And the Chief and I both seem a lot less driven around the house.

Our project with the window reglazing reached a sad end – at first it was going okay, but despite his best efforts it got harder and harder to work the glazing putty, so the Chief abandoned it in frustration and decided to try again when it’s warm out and hopefully the putty is more malleable.  Meanwhile half our window still looks like this.  Womp womp.

IMG_1353 (800x600)

Financially, we are both motivated to save as much as possible (we want to travel to Italy next year, among other things) and now that the house is overall looking pretty good, I am finding that I don’t want to spend money on changing the decor. There are still some lower-cost projects I hope to get to in the next few months, like making a headboard for our bed and some art for the dining room, but I’m not in a hurry.  Right now, my spare dollars are going toward baby gear.

 IMG_1849 (600x800)

In the past two months, here are the things I’ve done as far as house projects go:
– cleaned the dining room baseboards in preparation for finally painting them (the Chief still needs to caulk before I can do that)

IMG_1873 (800x591)
– Bought a faux fur throw for the living room to switch out with the summery orange striped cotton one.  I love it.  The cats love it.  The baby loves it.  You should get one too.

IMG_1869 (800x600)
– dyed an Ikea duvet cover from white with red print to golden brown for our bedspread

IMG_1823 (800x613)

That’s it!   My goal when I started this blog was to post faithfully once a week for a year, and almost without exception I did that for 18 months.  I am satisfied. I will definitely continue to post as I complete projects, but I think my days of weekly posts are over for the time being.  Our granny flat project is coming to life again so that will definitely be a fun thing to chronicle too.  IMG_0468 (800x599)

Till next time, have a wonderful Advent season and be blessed!


Sorry about the radio silence lately.  When Miss E hit Wonder Week 19 she began to wake up at least three times a night to eat.  Last night it was five times.


I did a lot of desperate research on the internet and in books.


Then the Chief got really sick.

10) Cartoon Sick

Basically I feel like this!


There will soon be time and energy for increasing the house’s prettiness, but at the moment I’m patting myself on the back for keeping the status quo.

Coming up on my list: the living room reveal, organizing my sewing area, and deciding which room to tackle next!  I’m inspired to keep hanging in there :)

Well gee.  My plan for today’s post was to give a couple recommendations of Really Amazing Sheets because we slept at relatives’ houses on last week’s road trip and two of the beds had amaaaazing sheets.  One set was thick and buttery and the other was crisp and smooth as silk.  Unfortunately I read the reviews on these sheets just to check (Target’s Fieldcrest Luxury and Costco’s Kirkland Pima Cotton Sheets) and it looks like while they were amazing up until a year or two ago, they have both switched materials or manufacturers and are getting one star reviews for the horrible burlap texture after washing.

So, don’t buy sheets from the Fieldcrest Luxury or Kirkland brands!  If you have the old ones, count yourself blessed to be sleeping between something so nice.


Here is some tap dancing to distract from this week’s lack of content.

Look at all the stuff our garden is producing!  Basil, cucumbers, green beans, and purple beans.  Not shown here is chard, and the tomatoes and melons which have not yet ripened.  I’m making plenty of pesto to freeze for year-round and we have more cucumbers and beans than we can eat.


Also I made a quiche for the very first time last night!  Apparently my husband loves quiche?  Three years and I did not know this.  Look how delicious all that cheese, bacon, and spinach in a gluten free crust is!

IMG_1156 (800x590)

Lastly, here is my little swaddle ninja getting her hand out of the wrap.  Miss E is 3 months old this Sunday, wow.

IMG_1155 (800x591)

I have a growing list of little projects around the house that I’ve been procrastinating on.  I think I’ll get together a list and share a plan with you – this way they might get done.  And so until next time, my friends, enjoy life and while you’re at it, why don’t you sing loudly in the car today?

We’ve been on the road for the last week visiting family across California.  My mother’s side was having a big family reunion and on the way there we were also able to visit all of the Chief’s family.  It’s crazy but his mom and two of his brothers live within half an hour of my aunt and three of her five sons.  Probably 65% of our combined family lives in a two hour radius in northern California, and most of the rest can be visited on the way there.

My Aunt A. lives in this wonderful little hand-built studio space.  Her husband was highly skilled with wood, and most of her sons also have skill and passion in that area.  This means her boys can make her a wonderful, individual house.  It’s always great visiting her home where everything is made of Real Stuff, much of it previously loved before ending up with her.

IMG_1119 (599x800)

Introvert though I am, I was so glad to hang out with some of my family for a couple days.  Traveling with Miss E was not my favorite thing – I don’t like the two day drive up there to begin with, and then when you add in an 11 week old, even one who’s pretty easy… well. But it was totally worth it and the pain shall be forgotten soon and only the good memories of family and connecting will hang around.

IMG_1131 (800x600)I’m on the left, the Chief is on the right, and my first cousin once removed (i.e. my cousin’s son) is between us.

We got back late Friday night and spent Saturday dozing on the sofa, which means we might be rested by the time Monday rolls around.  I need to clean…  Enjoy your summer days!  They are flying by.

The beauty of a thrift store is that you can actually go in with twenty dollars in your pocket and come out with several fairly awesome items.

Recently, while the Chief watched our girl, I made a mad dash through three of the local resale stores to look for some of the things I want to add around the house, particularly for the living room.  It was in the Salvation Army that I hit pay dirt.

First of all, it was half off day.  I noticed the sign advertising “50% off today only!” as I walked in and promptly forgot about it.  I began to look around the store for lamps, dressers, trays, and frames but it seemed that I would be disappointed in my endeavors because this store was having a particularly bad selection day.  Everything seemed to be either little dirty cluttery junk or way, way overpriced.  Witness a pair of large blue and white ceramic lamps and shades in good condition for fifty dollars – EACH.  You could get better ones at Home Goods for less than that price.  They had some more lamps in the back but they all seemed to be $18-$22 and not very nice.  Bah.  There was one I liked the shape of but it was on a shelf out of my reach and probably marked at least $18 anyway.

As a last stop I went to the back room where they keep the larger furniture items and there, leaning on a shelf full of porcelain knick knacks, I found a big beefy frame.  Wow! It was already in keeping with my color scheme, not too beat up, and was priced at $10.  I didn’t have a specific spot in mind for it but I realized I could think of at least four places it would work, and so was able to convince my inner cheapskate that a frame that big (the opening is 24″x36″) for that price in those colors could not be passed up.  Here’s  a sneak peek.

IMG_0917 (600x800)

When I went to purchase it, it rang up for $5 and I remembered it was half price day.  The cashier asked me if I’d found everything I wanted and I said, Now that you mention it, there’s this lamp I couldn’t reach…  so the manager went to fetch it down and when he brought it to the front to show me he said there was no price tag on it but I could have it for four dollars, out the door.  FOUR DOLLARS.  When every other far crappier lamp in the place was at least $18.  I grabbed it out of his hot little hands.  It was missing a harp and a shade but those are so easy to pick up, and the shade would probably have needed to be replaced anyway… you know how thrift store lampshades generally look!

I forgot to take a before picture of this lamp, but it was a speckly tan colored porcelain, about as blah and drab as you could get.

tan speckled porcelain

I gave it a makeover with my navy blue spray paint to match my other spray painted living room lamp.

IMG_0919 (581x800)

So that is how I walked out of the store with two perfectly imperfect items and only $9 lighter in my pocket.

Have you hit up any good thrift stores lately?  What do you like to look for secondhand for your home?