As we leap into work mode there are a few things I want to share about our fixer upper that I’m quite grateful for.  With any new house there are always things you love and things you’re not so fond of, and when it’s not move in ready, the stuff that needs changing can start to feel like a giant pile of annoyances as you reverse the choices the previous homeowners made.  Here are some of the best things about the new place.

I’m so very glad our fireplace is like this.  A corner fireplace is a little harder to arrange furniture around, but all it needs is white paint and maybe a mantel nailed up to be attractive.


In the near future it should be looking more like this:



You know why I’m super grateful for this particular fireplace?  Because almost all the other houses we looked at also had a “fireplace”… this kind.



We don’t have the budget to change that kind of thing to a real fireplace – I would have been stuck with it.  Urrkk!

Next, I’m grateful for an indoor laundry area.  Ok, it’s in the master bathroom, but I’ve been doing laundry in a garage full of greasy car repair projects for the last 7 years.  It will be really nice to know my clean laundry can fall on the floor and not maybe have to get washed again!


Perhaps down the road I’ll put up some bifold doors like this cute space so we don’t have to see the washer and dryer all the time.


This one is pretty basic, but I’m thankful for two bedrooms and two baths!  Our current house only has one of each and is about 1000 sq ft with additional unfinished space that we store stuff in rather than live in, and this new home is 1400 sq ft.

(No picture for that one — I’ll finish up the floorplan and post it at some point down the road.)

I’m also thankful that the kitchen has a very work friendly layout.  It’s small at 11×11 and I prefer small kitchens – less wasted movement.  I’ll tell all the details of our planned updates in a future post so for now let it be said the work triangle is just what I like and I’ll be so happy with the space after a coat of white paint and a minimal amount of remodeling.  Here’s the world’s worst mockup just so you can see that it’s not so bad looking when it’s not bright orange wood!

IMG_2339 - Copy


Moving on, I’m delighted that our new place has an actual entryway!  It is great to have a large and practical transition space into the house instead of being dumped into the living room when you open the door.  Having a sense of entrance is a really good feeling, not to mention having a proper spot to put down your bags, keys, coats, etc.  It seems like a lot of homes don’t have that.


The fridge is going and we’ll be painting the cabinets and laying new flooring before we move in so that’ll take the entry a good ways toward finished.  This photo below has sort of the feel I’m imagining, though we’ll have wood plank floors.



Last but not least, this place has privacy.  There are blinds on all the windows but if I don’t run around at dusk to close them we’re not going to turn into a fishbowl to every passerby!  Between the 2 acres of property, hillside location, and the 8 foot hedges, it is our own little oasis.  We do actually have a granny flat rental over the detached garage, but it’s all arranged in such a way that those neighbors can’t see into or walk past our house.


While we scrape and paint and sweat, I’m going to keep these blessings and the bigger picture in mind to get through the valley of the shadow of construction!

What were your favorite things about your fixer upper?  Have you lived through a DIY remodel with small children and lived to tell the tale?