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Whoo! Sorry to go so long without posting an update. In a twist on the Golden Rule, I always feel that if I don’t have anything interesting to say, I prefer not to say anything at all.

The rhythm of life has changed a lot around here. Miss E hit the 6 month mark in October and started crawling, so she is requiring fewer naps and more attention and interaction. It is raining regularly. And the Chief and I both seem a lot less driven around the house.

Our project with the window reglazing reached a sad end – at first it was going okay, but despite his best efforts it got harder and harder to work the glazing putty, so the Chief abandoned it in frustration and decided to try again when it’s warm out and hopefully the putty is more malleable.  Meanwhile half our window still looks like this.  Womp womp.

IMG_1353 (800x600)

Financially, we are both motivated to save as much as possible (we want to travel to Italy next year, among other things) and now that the house is overall looking pretty good, I am finding that I don’t want to spend money on changing the decor. There are still some lower-cost projects I hope to get to in the next few months, like making a headboard for our bed and some art for the dining room, but I’m not in a hurry.  Right now, my spare dollars are going toward baby gear.

 IMG_1849 (600x800)

In the past two months, here are the things I’ve done as far as house projects go:
– cleaned the dining room baseboards in preparation for finally painting them (the Chief still needs to caulk before I can do that)

IMG_1873 (800x591)
– Bought a faux fur throw for the living room to switch out with the summery orange striped cotton one.  I love it.  The cats love it.  The baby loves it.  You should get one too.

IMG_1869 (800x600)
– dyed an Ikea duvet cover from white with red print to golden brown for our bedspread

IMG_1823 (800x613)

That’s it!   My goal when I started this blog was to post faithfully once a week for a year, and almost without exception I did that for 18 months.  I am satisfied. I will definitely continue to post as I complete projects, but I think my days of weekly posts are over for the time being.  Our granny flat project is coming to life again so that will definitely be a fun thing to chronicle too.  IMG_0468 (800x599)

Till next time, have a wonderful Advent season and be blessed!