We are on the mend!  After the Chief got sick, so did I and then Miss E.  This has been a gnarly cold – 6-7 days of yuck before starting to feel improvement.  But I am finally feeling a bit more energetic.

When I was sitting on the couch the other day, drinking tea and reading a good book, I realized that if I looked up I could see my favorite view in the house.  I have often noticed that the most enticing view can be one seen through a couple rooms and out a window on the far side of the house, and mine is no exception.  I love to see the afternoon light shining across the house through the bathroom window, backlighting the plant on the windowsill.

IMG_1452 (765x1024)

The rich paint color also draws the eye and makes the sunlight that much more enticing.

What is your favorite view or sightline in your house?