I’ve wanted to make a mobile for my sweet little Miss Goo since before she was born, and I figured I’d better get to it before she was too old to care.  So one day I did a blitz through Michael’s and gathered things to make a mobile for less than $5.


  • 6″ Grapevine Wreath – $1
  • Variegated Yarn – $2
  • 3 different colors of scrapbooking cardstock – 29c each (87c total)
  • 1 skein embroidery thread/floss – 39c

TOTAL: $4.26

First I made the pom poms.  Pom poms are going through a revival fad at the moment and they are really easy to make.  Basically for a mini pom pom about 1 1/2″ in diameter, you wrap a piece of yarn around a fork till it is a fat wad, then you take a piece of yarn about 6″ and thread it through the tines to tie it very tightly around the middle of the wad.  Slide the wad off your fork, cut the loops with small scissors, fluff, and trim.

I neglected to get a shot of this in the making so here is a pictoral from VividPlease.

fork pom pom

Voila!  Pom poms (and my helper).  Thinner yarn works best for this tiny size.

IMG_1233 (600x800)

Next I made the hoop.  I took a 6″ wreath and simply used fabric glue to make an X shaped ribbon suspension and hanging loop for the mobile.

IMG_1235 (572x800)

I’d decided an all-pom-pom mobile would be overkill so my other pendant pieces were going to be diamond shapes made from cardstock.  I cut out a lot of these from my three colors of cardstock, using one piece as my template to ensure consistent size.IMG_1236 (800x598)

Then I cut slits halfway down each shape and slid two together to get a 3-D object.  You can do this with any shape you want from circles to butterflies.

IMG_1237 (800x600)

Next, I lined up my pom-poms and diamonds in pleasing lines of varying heights and order, making sure none were longer than I wanted the bottom of the mobile to go.

IMG_1238 (800x599)

I grabbed my embroidery thread and a big needle.  The pom poms were threaded through the middle with white glue dotted on the entry and exit points, and I just laid the embroidery thread along a bead of white glue on the diamonds.  I did glue the diamond shapes on the opposite side of the thread as well to make sure they didn’t fall apart.  I left at least 6 inches of thread at the top of each mobile string to tie them on easily, and could have left even more.

IMG_1239 (800x599)

Once I had my dangly strands all done, I tied the longest one in the middle of the hoop and then randomly arranged the rest in a balanced way.  I had to make one more strand at the end as I didn’t have quite enough – took 5 minutes.

Here is the final product.  It’s completely unique and fun to look at for us as well as Miss E.

IMG_1245 (599x800)

It’s interesting and colorful from her point of view, too.

IMG_1247 (552x800)

I just used a small C clamp to secure it on the hollow-core floating shelf in the crib corner!  (The pillow is just for pretties – it’s not normally in her crib.)  Our family crest and motto is hanging on the wall.  We had that in the living room for a while and I thought it would be perfect for over her crib.

IMG_1252 (600x800)

This is the view if you look to the left immediately upon entering our bedroom.  I want to add another something to the wall in her crib corner but don’t know what yet.  For right now, the mobile is adding a happy blast of color and texture.

IMG_1255 (594x800)

This took some time but it was so easy!  You could easily do it while watching a movie one night.  Have you ever made anything for your baby to look at?