Well gee.  My plan for today’s post was to give a couple recommendations of Really Amazing Sheets because we slept at relatives’ houses on last week’s road trip and two of the beds had amaaaazing sheets.  One set was thick and buttery and the other was crisp and smooth as silk.  Unfortunately I read the reviews on these sheets just to check (Target’s Fieldcrest Luxury and Costco’s Kirkland Pima Cotton Sheets) and it looks like while they were amazing up until a year or two ago, they have both switched materials or manufacturers and are getting one star reviews for the horrible burlap texture after washing.

So, don’t buy sheets from the Fieldcrest Luxury or Kirkland brands!  If you have the old ones, count yourself blessed to be sleeping between something so nice.


Here is some tap dancing to distract from this week’s lack of content.

Look at all the stuff our garden is producing!  Basil, cucumbers, green beans, and purple beans.  Not shown here is chard, and the tomatoes and melons which have not yet ripened.  I’m making plenty of pesto to freeze for year-round and we have more cucumbers and beans than we can eat.


Also I made a quiche for the very first time last night!  Apparently my husband loves quiche?  Three years and I did not know this.  Look how delicious all that cheese, bacon, and spinach in a gluten free crust is!

IMG_1156 (800x590)

Lastly, here is my little swaddle ninja getting her hand out of the wrap.  Miss E is 3 months old this Sunday, wow.

IMG_1155 (800x591)

I have a growing list of little projects around the house that I’ve been procrastinating on.  I think I’ll get together a list and share a plan with you – this way they might get done.  And so until next time, my friends, enjoy life and while you’re at it, why don’t you sing loudly in the car today?