We’ve been on the road for the last week visiting family across California.  My mother’s side was having a big family reunion and on the way there we were also able to visit all of the Chief’s family.  It’s crazy but his mom and two of his brothers live within half an hour of my aunt and three of her five sons.  Probably 65% of our combined family lives in a two hour radius in northern California, and most of the rest can be visited on the way there.

My Aunt A. lives in this wonderful little hand-built studio space.  Her husband was highly skilled with wood, and most of her sons also have skill and passion in that area.  This means her boys can make her a wonderful, individual house.  It’s always great visiting her home where everything is made of Real Stuff, much of it previously loved before ending up with her.

IMG_1119 (599x800)

Introvert though I am, I was so glad to hang out with some of my family for a couple days.  Traveling with Miss E was not my favorite thing – I don’t like the two day drive up there to begin with, and then when you add in an 11 week old, even one who’s pretty easy… well. But it was totally worth it and the pain shall be forgotten soon and only the good memories of family and connecting will hang around.

IMG_1131 (800x600)I’m on the left, the Chief is on the right, and my first cousin once removed (i.e. my cousin’s son) is between us.

We got back late Friday night and spent Saturday dozing on the sofa, which means we might be rested by the time Monday rolls around.  I need to clean…  Enjoy your summer days!  They are flying by.