It’s possible my eyes are bigger than my checkbook on this one, but… it’s time to wrangle with the living room again!

When we first got married, I had been renting furnished rooms in family homes and as far as furniture went, I didn’t own more than a couple bookcases and a chair.  The Chief had been renting out his spare bedrooms to bachelor-type roommates and the house reflected that. We didn’t have much of our own stuff to work with when we began life together, but over the past 2 1/2 years the living room has coalesced into an inviting place to hang out.

For six weeks I’ve been using this room in conjunction with the needs of a baby and am slowly learning how I’d like to re-organize things to accommodate her. I’ve been changing her on the floor and while this works quite well, I don’t really want a baby changing station in the middle of the main room for the next two years!

IMG_0898 (563x800)

Besides the diapering dilemma, this room has always struggled with Many Little Furnishings Cluttering It Up.  My plan is to move out all the little pieces on the wall shown below and get a nice big long dresser there instead.  Did you know that fewer large pieces of furniture will make a room feel more spacious than several smaller scale pieces of furniture – especially in a small room?

IMG_0892 (635x800)

I envision that one end of the long dresser will be my changing station with the necessaries stowed away in drawers and baskets when not in use, and the other end will be a landing zone for my purse and keys.  I’m currently searching Craigslist for the right piece at the right price and I will most likely be painting it green or blue-green (not 100% sure of the color yet).  Here are a couple pieces that we looked at so far to give you an idea.


white dresser craigslist

So hopefully instead of looking all cluttery and busy like this:

IMG_0891 (800x588) (2)

That side of the room should end up looking like this:

green dresser 2

Doesn’t that look so much better?  Too many tiny cluttery things over there, what did I tell you?

You might notice the grandfather clock is missing in the “after” photo.  That’s because I see this as an opportunity to work on some of the finishing touches I’ve been meaning to get to for a while.

IMG_0893 (800x589)

IMG_0897 (800x600)

After I take care of that list, maybe if I’m really lucky I’ll finally paint the inside of our front door and then find a great deal on a less drab rug (indoor-outdoor, perhaps?) to put under the armchairs.  I’m feeling a bit like Cinderella looking at the list her stepsisters put together before she can go to the ball, but a girl can dream!

Now here’s my personal challenge: I want to do all these things with a budget of $200 (not counting that unlikely rug).  This means I’ll be making my own chalk paint to paint the big dresser, getting a lamp from the thrift store, using clearance sales and scrounging for materials from what we already have in the craft room and the garage!  I’m really looking forward to it.

Have you re-thought any rooms lately?