I think it’s about time I gave you a proper post about our granny flat remodel project.

granny flat, n.   Self contained accommodation within or built onto a house.

The Chief and I have dreamed and planned since we got married of paying off our current home and expanding it as our family grows.  When we eventually move, we’d like to keep it as a rental property and source of income.  The next steps we have planned over the next 3-5 years are to convert and expand the covered patio into a generous master bedroom and bath, and to build two rooms onto the back of the house for a mud room/laundry room/project room and a man cave.

The first step, though, is to get our house generating some income by renting out part of it as a granny flat.  The Chief is excited because this is allowing him to expand the plumbing and electrical capacities of our (1 bath, 1020 sq. ft) house and put in “everything this house should have had in the first place,” according to him.  We’re remodeling with cash from our recent refinance and consider it a permanent upgrade as well as an investment to produce rental income.

IMG_0468 (800x599)

I loooove planning and designing stuff, and the Chief prefers execution, so we’re a good team.  I work on graph paper and think about things like sightlines and traffic flow in the rooms, and he looks at my plans and tells me what might need to be tweaked to work with the realities of where joists and pipes and such are.

This granny flat idea has already gone through several changes on paper over the last two years (yes, I think that far ahead!) but basically here’s where we stand as we break ground.  This is the “before” corner of our house that is getting remodeled.  The main room has been our bedroom and is now becoming the granny flat.  To orient you, the bottom wall with the window marked in it is the wall in the above photo.

IMG_0484 (600x800)

Now here is the plan with the changes we’re going to make structurally – walling it off from the rest of the house, busting into the covered patio/storage room to add a full bath, putting a door and new window in the south wall, and adding a kitchenette and closet.

IMG_0486 (594x800)

The way we work, there will probably be some minor tweaks regarding placement and dimensions of things as we see what fits with the situation as we go.  For instance, we will probably do an under-counter fridge rather than a slighly larger free standing mini fridge as pictured above, and the door might not go precisely where I drew it.  Because the Chief is so handy, we can make it work that way!  It’s fun and sometimes we get our best ideas when we’ve already gotten halfway into a project.

What do you think? Are you excited to follow along with us as we make this thing happen?  Would you put a granny flat onto your own home? Aren’t you jealous of me for getting to specify fixtures and colors from scratch instead of having to work with somebody else’s bad decisions?  (I think that’s my favorite part so far!)