Can I just say that working with burgundy carpet is hard?!  I was planning to post about our repainted bedroom this week, but that didn’t work out like I thought.  Instead, I decided I’d share some of the inspiration images I’ve been using to try to get enthusiastic about our future room with all its challenges.

As far as wall color, it looks like we are going with some shade of goldy-beige.  I hope to get that settled this weekend so I can paint!  Now burgundy and gold traditionally makes for a heavy, opulent look, and opulence… I do not haz it.  You see the difficulty?  Our current bedroom is light and bright with pale squirrel gray walls and a white, navy, and seaglass color scheme with hits of espresso and brass.   I love it.  I’m a morning person and need lightness in my bedroom, whereas the Chief would be very happy sleeping in a dark, cavelike room and was hoping I’d paint our future bedroom chocolate brown.  I like dark, cavelike rooms for reading and sipping tea with a cat at night, but it is not something I want to wake up in.

In case you didn’t pick that up, this room is DARK in terms of natural light, and the carpet adds to that, so for the bedding I”m planning on a white, cream, and golden-brown ensemble.  I want to keep an element of lightness going on the biggest piece of furniture in the room.  Also I better add lots of lamps.

Ready for the inspiration shots?  These all have the feel I’m going for in our little dark room.  I’m hoping I can pull off a simplified-traditional vibe and keep things from looking too heavy.


Wish me luck, and if you have any tips for working with carpet that you don’t like (other than covering it with a rug – no door clearance & cost prohibitive, unfortunately), please comment!