The Great Room Switch-A-Roo has begun.  We’re converting our bedroom into a separate entry granny flat to rent out, which means we are losing a room as we are about to add a person to the family.  Woohoo!  You know it’s traditional to tear your house apart before the birth of the first child, and we love traditional ;-)

This past weekend we had piles all over every floor as we exploded three rooms.  Not that we’re done, but the process is like this: clear stored items out of the music room, move the TV room into the music room so that they are combined, and move our bedroom into what used to be the TV room.

Our house looked like this over the weekend.

IMG_0339 (800x600)

That is our brand-new memory foam cal king mattress in the middle of the living room!  We’ve been sleeping on an old full sized bed for the last two years and have been promising ourselves an upgrade in terms of both size and comfort for a while.  I think my third trimester is the perfect time to get a mattress that doesn’t give me hip pain – it’s like this super fancy pregnancy present.  <– me attempting dry humor.

Yes, the house is looking like an explosion hit it.  Today is day 5 of relocating half our house and the Chief is completely sick of moving stuff around.  We made an unexpected decision to get our carpets cleaned a day ago (I tracked something gross all over the house for the second time in several months – sorry, babe!) and that involved moving all the piles of stuff out of the areas to be cleaned, then putting it back.  The upshot is that we’re having a small garage sale this weekend, and our worldly possessions will be much better organized, just as soon as we finish organizing them.

Here is the new music/media room, after moving out some of the stored items and moving in the TV and couch.


It is surprisingly cozy!  This room has no windows since the back patio was enclosed years ago, but it works out just fine if you want to watch movies or play the drums.  The Chief gets his massive  redwood coffee table back from banishment and will be mounting some longhorns over the TV.  I like it.

Here is our future bedroom, the previous TV room, which we will shortly be sharing with our newborn.  We’re moving from a full sized bed in a backyard-facing room with southern exposure to a cal king bed in a north-facing room on the street side of the house.   You can bet I’ll have more details on this one as I face its decorating challenges.

IMG_0342 (593x800)

And just for fun, here is our pretty new dining room filled with stuff.  There’s a big industrial storage rack on the right that, sadly, is going to have to live there for a while.  Any ideas on how to make it prettier?

IMG_0332 (800x595)

Now that you have seen all our piles of stuff, do you still want to be friends?  Seriously though, I am excited about all these changes.  I love that we are going ahead with doing a granny flat.  I don’t mind sharing a room with our baby for a while – it will make nighttime feedings a ton easier, and if we have sleep issues we will deal with them as they happen.   The back patio room (it’s the open door on the right in the above picture) will eventually get insulated and we’ll have a master bedroom again.

Did you do major house changes before the arrival of your first kid, or get a new bed?  Any fun nesting stories?  Have you ever rearranged all your clutter and lived in a rat’s nest for weeks while you sorted things?  I’d love to hear about it.