So I previously mentioned that fun prints aren’t really my favorite way to jazz up a room.  I tried it, I didn’t like it, and I decided to stick with my palette of solids, textures, and subdued, traditional prints.

In a stunning and unexpected turn of events, today’s post is the reveal of the vast swath of graphic printed curtains covering the six foot french doors in the dining room!  Because it’s not true that I hate prints.  I like a lot of prints – and some of the ones I like even look good in my house!  I’m talking about anything muted, or with a damask type of pattern, anything that feels kind of organic/botanical, and doesn’t have too many different colors going on.

But to get back to the story, the dining room was looking awfully anemic.

chandelier with table

Yeah.  White on rice.

I knew I wanted a green/blue/yellow color scheme with a fresh Mediterranean feel going on in the kitchen and dining room.  This is an inspiration picture similar to the actual inspiration photo that I tore out of a magazine years ago.

For Mary Fedden

So I went big on the dining room curtains.

After considering many options, the least expensive and least labor intensive option turned out to be making window curtains out of shower curtains.  They come extra wide (72″, I believe) so if you get two, that will cover a 72″ french door very nicely when drawn shut.  I found some great shower curtains at Target that were 100% cotton, soft and drapey, and machine washable, in a green and white print that reminds me of a hedge maze.  I though they would look great framing the backyard and sky and our potted lemon tree on the patio.


They were way too short for floor to ceiling drapes, so I used one of my trusty JoAnn coupons to buy a few yards of a darker green linen/cotton blend.  After washing and drying everything first, naturellement, I hemmed the edges of the extra yardage (but left the bottom edge long to hem in place) and attached the pieces to the shower curtains.  Somehow where I started on one side ended up almost half an inch off, and I didn’t notice till the whole panel was done!  Oh well.  I’m not unpicking all those stitches, believe me.


I’m glad I marked the curtains for hemming as they hung in place, because those shower curtains did NOT shrink evenly.  The dark green bottom panel is shortest at the far right of the doors and longest at the far left.  In fact, let me get my tape measure… yep, it starts 19 1/2 inches from the ground on the right and 21 1/4 inches from the ground on the left, so that’s a rise of almost 2″ across six feet of door.   Let that be a lesson to you.  Always mark the hem in place.  Oh, and as for the top hem, the shower curtain had little buttonholes sewn in there which would’ve look weird, so I just folded that hem over once more and sewed it down before clipping on some curtain rings.

Here they are, looking fresh and beautiful if I do say so myself.  They’re hung high and wide on a $14 curtain rod from Ross and with 10 clip-on curtain rings per panel.




When we had our New Year’s Party, one of the guests commented on how popular the solid stripe at the bottom of window panels was getting.   She was very impressed that I made them myself because the shower curtains were just too short.  Don’t you love it when you inadavertently do something popular?

So what do you like to do with your window treatments?  I was rocking all-white curtains up till this.  Do you like lots of color?  Something different in every room? Or do you like the cohesion of plain panels and simple treatments?