Remember when I blogged about the super chandelier find on clearance at Lowe’s?  It’s installed and it’s exactly, fantastically, how I imagined.  The process, however, was a bit more complicated than we expected.

I left the house one Saturday afternoon so the Chief could deep clean the kitchen linoleum and put a commercial finish coat on it to make it easier to keep clean.  It’s old, faded, etc. but we aren’t replacing it at this point.  Luckily it disappears visually, so even though it will be awesome when we have some kind of newer flooring, it doesn’t bother me that it’s still here for a while.

When I got back, the floor was just as it had been, but the chandelier was in the middle of the room looking like this.

chandelier apart

ERP. What happened?  Well, apparently the easy fix of chopping off the bottom of our chandelier, making it go from this, the original:

clearance chandelier

to this, the much-improved reworking:

PShopped chandelier

…was not so easy after all.   That bottom section, rather than being purely decorative and easy to remove, contained all the wiring and it was strung up and down every little tube.

Luckily, I’m married to an electrician.  He is also a mechanic, a refrigerator tech, a construction worker, and a metal worker, so basically at this point I was really really lucky.  Instead of freaking out, he re-wired it.  I should probably have baked him cupcakes.

rewiring chandelier

So there was the newly reconstructed chandelier – I think at this point we can call it custom – but it was looking a bit, well, cheap.  The finish was painted metal, but it was shiny.   Too shiny.  That thing needed a coat of mattifying spray to make it look more like wrought iron and less like an imitation.  I went to Home Depot and picked up a can of textured matte black spray paint, and we hung it outside and dusted all the surfaces twice with a light coat.  I didn’t go nuts trying to ensure complete opaque coverage, as even the first misting coat knocked down the shine almost completely and created an evenly matte, faintly textured surface that really did look like iron.
spraying chandelier

I accidentally forgot to block off the electrical sockets and they got spray paint in them.  Don’t be like me.  Thank goodness the Chief had something in his chemical cupboard that was able to remove it, and saved the day.  Otherwise I would pretty much have ruined the chandelier past saving.

So there it was!  We picked a spot to hang it that, while not perfect (it overlaps the skylight opening a bit, which can’t be helped) is the best solution for our current room configuration.  The Chief wired it in to the ceiling and left us some room to play with the height.  I feel it could be an inch or two lower, but since it’s pretty wide and the Chief is tall, we don’t want him bumping his head when he bends over the table and then stands up suddenly!

chandy reveal2

The Chief says it looks Gothic in a good way, not over the top, but as if it came out of an old castle.

chandy reveal1

Our dining room is almost there!

chandy with table

Next up: the dining room curtains, because this place needs some color.

Have you ever gotten a bargain for your home and then discovered it was perhaps not quite such a bargain because you had to rewire, restore, repaint, etc. completely?  What are some of your favorite lighting pieces that you brought home and love?