We might have a zillion things to do between now and April, when the Pumpkin is due.

A while back the Chief wanted me to get him a whiteboard so I can write little projects and tasks on it, and then I’ll know for sure that HE knows that I want that done.  He likes a literal honey-do list posted on the wall, rather than being reminded.  Nagged.  Whatevs :)  Good idea; I like it!


I thought I’d round up a Honey Do list for me too, but instead, it turned into an overview of what needs to be finished around the house that we will both be working on.   As we move past the halfway mark with my pregnancy, it looks like we are going to have a very busy next four months!

Major Things For the Chief To Do:

  • Finish last details in the new dining area
  • Turn our master bedroom into a separate entry granny flat  (BIIIIG project – I will share the plans with you as we get started!)
  • Move us from the master bedroom into the current TV room
  • Move the TV & paraphernalia into the current music/storage room
  • Move the the storage items from the music/storage room into the attic (so yeah, that was one big game of Shuffle that I just spelled out)
  • Clear out the cluttered side walkway to the backyard
  • Put up new fencing along the abovementioned walkway

Good thing we just spent a week doing nothing!  He might not get another break for a while.   Here’s a photo from our trip of us visiting a tobacco shop in Canada (Windsor, Ontario is across the river from Detroit.)  They sell genuine Cuban cigars there, which are highly illegal in the US.


Somewhat Smaller But Still Very Important Things For Me To Do:

  • Finish dining table (so close on this one – arrgghh- just need to apply a couple more coats of sealer but it’s been raining so much)
  • Find 4 chairs for new dining table
  • Paint the inside of the front door, the new french doors, and the two unpainted interior doors
  • Paint the house (we already have the paint mixed and can borrow a sprayer)
  • Sew purchased cloth into new throw pillows
  • Do some furniture shuffling with the new dining room.  I’m planning to remove the hutch and maybe move in my desk and a couple bookshelves.  This will leave an empty corner in the living room to figure out.  Right now our Christmas tree is living there, which is handy.
  • Get some seagrass mats like this to line the french door threshhold.  I know our household and friends, and there will be much tracking in from the backyard.
  • Get curtains up for the french doors

My “Someday Soon” List

  • Paint the kitchen cabinets
  • Have a baby (this just might drive down the priority level of some of these other things ;-) )

Whew!  Sometimes it helps to break it down into all the little increments.  Sometimes it just feels tiring.  In this case, it’s both daunting and exciting.  I love house stuff!  I love house projects going on!  Except for maybe cooking in the middle of a 6 week kitchen remodel, which is what a former housemate and I lived through.  I have an acquaintance whose husband took about a year to remodel their kitchen though, so I think she takes the prize for displaced cooking.

You can expect to see a bunch of posts based on the bullet points in this list, but for the end of the year I thought I’d do a little look ahead to see what might be on the table in 2013.  I hope you had a blessed and merry Christmas!