You know how a month ago everyone was putting up pictures of their fall mantlepieces? 


Yes, I finally, actually decorated for fall!  Just in time for Christmas…hmm.  I’m absolutely not the seasonal decorating type, so this was kind of a fun departure for me even though I only did two things.  I made a pennant swag like everyone else on Pinterest, out of cloth scraps and yellowish paper, and I didn’t even iron them before hot gluing to spare raffia twine.   Then I stuck two dead branches in vases.  Voila!  Fall in Southern California.

You know, looking at this photo really makes me want to paint the walls in the living room something besides off-white.  It’s like looking at a plate of beige food.  Even with some parsley and a sprinkle of paprika, it needs more color.  Maybe the Chief will let me repaint… after we finish the skylight, the dining room, and the bedroom move!  Might be a while :)