I feel like celebrating.

I’ve been working on the farmhouse table for weeks now, and it’s coming along slowly but steadily.  This weekend I’d hoped to finish and when it became clear that it was not to be, I decided to let it go and tackle a bunch of Little Things that have been on the edge of my consciousness for some time.

You know the ones.  The things that will take five or ten minutes but you never seem to get around to them because there are Bigger Things that you have your attention on.  It finally gets to the point where you’re saying to yourself, “Ugh, I haven’t repotted the orchid for three and a half months now!”  The pain of ignoring these things gets worse than the pain of stopping for ten minutes to take care of them.  I just did four Little Thing projects, and I can tell you, this is the MOST accomplishment I’ve felt over a weekend in a while!

1. I switched out a piece of art that my husband didn’t like for one that makes us both smile.  It is fancy.

2. I repotted the orchid!

3.  I bought a memory card (and a second battery) for my shiny awesome new camera so that it is usuable.

4. I dusted the house and discovered for the first time in my life that dusting with the vaccuum brush attachment goes faster and doesn’t use half a roll of paper towels.  Not sexy, I know, but I hate dusting and I love clean shining surfaces, and I want to know why no one ever told me to use my vaccuum before.

Bonus/teaser: I also finished the underside of that farmhouse table :)  (Those are stain tests at the top where it’s darker.)

Have you ever taken a break from the Big Things to get a bunch of those Little Things straightened out? Dosen’t it feel good not to have them chattering at you every time you walk by?