I really love those simple black iron-looking candle bulb chandeliers, the ones that are rustic enough to be at home in a cottage kitchen but clean-lined enough to look modern.  Those trendy iron lanterns are a close second, but I’ve decided that in the kitchen, I would like a wheel-shaped iron chandelier over the farmhouse dining table and then a pretty crystal chandelier over the island. 

Possibly vice versa, because sparkly lighting over a rustic table (like ours) is a lovely contrast:

But the primitive iron chandy over a rustic table also does it for me.

The other night was I out doing neighborhood errands after getting home from work and I went to Lowe’s to get stain for the farmhouse table that I’m almost done paint stripping.  Normally I don’t want to go out again after getting home, but this night I had some extra zip, so after getting my stain I browsed the tile and lighting aisles for some window shopping.   And then I saw it.

The dining chandelier of my dreams.


Well, almost!  The within-budget version of the dining chandelier of my dreams!  Floor Model On Clearance!  For $54 instead of $219!  And I had part of that on a gift card!  Can you tell I was EXCITED!!  Here’s the real McCoy of which we are now proud owners:

I texted a picture to the Chief and called to see what he thought of it.  I hoped that the spiky points of the candleholders would appeal to his appreciation of gothic style, and no one could call its style too girly.  He liked it!  He even said, when I feared it was too tall for our 8′ ceilings, that he could easily cut off the swoopy bottom part if I wanted.  He’s very skilled working with both metal and electricity, which is a huge blessing for us at times like these.  So I bought the chandelier and brought it home. 

The Chief looked at it and said it would be a piece of cake to take off the bottom part, hurrah, because that will make it just the right style and height.  So here’s what it will look like when he’s through with it.

Picture it over a table that looks like this.  Yesssss.  Um, images are not to scale :)

Also, I will spray paint it matte black, because it currently has a shiny finish and that looks cheap!  Whoever heard of shiny wrought iron? Well I guess you could shellac it but really, we are going for the raw matte iron look.

I’m super thrilled with this find, and thanks to Mom for the old gift card leftover that helped us say yes to this light!