I’m getting a fun candy apple red digital camera for my birthday!  My birthday was June 25. 

Today is Nov. 1.  My husband’s birthday will be Nov. 6  It has taken me this long to pull the trigger on using my birthday money, received four months ago, for the purposes for which it was intended.  It did take me some time to figure out just which camera to go for – I read lots of reviews!  Mostly I’ve just been procrastinating.

Voila, at last, here is my soon to be owned Canon Powershot Elph 300 HS!  It has a wide angle lens which will help take good room photos as I continue to document our house updates.

I am so going to find some cheerful guys listening to music in wallpapered rooms and take pictures of them.

Ok, so the truth is I’m not a very good photographer.  I remember traveling with an old boyfriend and sharing a camera as we trekked around the city.  When I took the camera back to look at the pics on my computer, basically all of his were better than mine, and he was not a photography hobbyist or artist or any such thing.  That happened again when I went on a tourist sailing trip – one of the guys on the trip offered to take some photos of me on the boat, and they were all better than mine.  So, even though I consider myself creative with a good eye, I’ve discovered that it doesn’t translate through the lens of the camera.  Oh well :)  That’s why I’m going for a basic point-and-shoot digital with some good automatic features. 

I will get it in cherry red, so I can find it quickly, especially in a dark bag.  It’s small and light which will be a good incentive to actually take it with me and pull it out.  Oh yes… I am also the worst person for thinking about taking photos to remember moments later.  I am busy enjoying the moment, not thinking how to capture it on camera.   I don’t think there are any photos of the Chief and myself together since our wedding… 2 years ago.  Eek!  The last photos I have of me are from our trip to Mexico this spring. 

Especially now that we are going to have a baby, I would like to have the ability to take photos without asking to borrow the Chief’s iPhone, which is how virtually all the photos on this blog have been taken so far.  I am thinking I need to work on the very basic skills of having a camera nearby, and pulling it out and using it.  This is like Photography 001!  And that is just where I am, so that is where I will start :)

Is anyone else camera challenged?  How is that working for ya?  Any tips or tricks for learning to get out the camera instead of forgetting it?  Or for taking pictures of people (ahemTheChiefahem) who make silly fake faces every time there is a camera pointed at them?