We did it!  We got the pickup truck on the road and brought home our new kitchen table. 

After several weeks of looking, I finally found a farmhouse table on Craigslist that was the right size, fit my criteria – except it has no leaf: I had to be honest with myself about how little space we actually have in the dining area – and it  was cheeep.  We got it for $60, paying for it with rolls of coins since the Chief had just emptied out his change jug.  The sellers were a neat middle aged couple living in a nice part of town, and we hit it off for the brief time of our acquaintance.  I think paying with rolls of quarters gave them the impression that we were struggling financially because as the husband was helping the Chief carry the tabletop out, he said not to worry, he’s been through economic downturns before and things always get better.  Ha!  We had a giggle about it later.

I don’t know where the table is from originally, but it is a sturdy little dog!  The top is solid maple, and it has these lovely chunky turned legs that look French-ish to my eye… in fact they are EXACTLY the same style legs as one of my favorite inspiration tables!  Its colors are meh.  Yellowy top and white apron and legs.  I want a chestnut-brown tabletop, and the Chief can’t handle the white paint so that must go too.  Not sure at this point if I will repaint those parts or do the rough work of sanding and restaining.  Right now it looks uninspired and common, but just you wait till I refinish this baby.

Our table is in pieces between the garage and the living room, so I can’t show you a before picture.  I’ll be sure to get one, even if the table is jerry-rigged, before the refinishing starts.  Anyway, it’s one of these numbers. 

Though the legs are much thicker, like this.  They are great legs.  It also has two shallow drawers in the ends of the table.

The top just has a thin clear coat, so hopefully it won’t take too much sanding to get off (fingers crossed!)  My mom’s coming to town next week for a nice long visit and had expressed interest in helping us with house projects.  Guess what she will be helping me with :)  Maybe I will let her sand the legs and apron.

The end result, I hope, will look like this beautiful long table which I have ghetto-shopped shorter.   These are practically the same legs, and these are the colors I’m going for. 

On a related note, I have this desperate hankering to have the kitchen/dining room area tiled in a herringbone pattern with long subway-type tiles.   This desire, and possibly even the farmhouse table, is a direct result of falling in love with Tommy Smythe’s kitchen.

Gee, this kitchen even has the dark lower cabinets and white painted, windowpaned uppers that The Chief and I will probably end up compromising on when we remodel the kitchen.  (He wants dark wood and I want creamy paint on the cabinets, but we seem to agree on this look.)  And oh yes, I also want a large lantern over the table.  Apparently this kitchen has infiltrated my subconscious entirely.

Well I was flipping through the Lowes circular that came yesterday and what should I see but this?

Source: lowes.com via Lowe’s on Pinterest

Wood-grained porcelain tile in long blocks – I tore that baby out and put it in my kitchen inspiration folder!  (The tiles look darker, less whitewashed, in the printed circular.)  See, the black tiles in my inspiration picture are a bit too much contrast for real life in our house, but I can totally imagine these in our kitchen, with the great room’s mid-toned wood flooring coming up to to meet the tile without a drastic visual contrast.  The lower kitchen cabinets would be a level darker than the flooring for some contrast without too much of a black hole effect.  I’m so excited thinking about our future kitchen!  There are NO PLANS to begin this remodel, but we know it will be coming down the road in maybe 3-5 years.  Perhaps soon I will do a post on our current house plan and the prospective changes.

Making the house prettier, one weekend at a time, that’s our motto!  The new farmhouse table is a definite step forward.  What do you think?  Can I refinish it into something I love?  Will my mom agree to sand turned table legs?  Have you planned out your future kitchen years in advance?