One of the challenges of living with another human being is that tastes differ.   When it comes to decorating,  that means you have this big, permanent living space all around you every day and it needs to make everyone feel comfortable and at home.   So how do you handle decisions in home decorating when you have different opinions about what looks good? 

In my journeyings across the blogsphere I have heard mythic tales of husbands who give their wives free rein to decorate how they wish.   I’m guessing either they have no strong opinions about decor themselves, or their wife is so into what she does with the home that they let her have her way.   Maybe there’s some browbeaten husbands in there too who have just thrown up their hands and given up on having input :)

For those who have such men in their lives, congratulations, all you need to worry about is honing your own sense of style!

As for me, I have the more interesting and more challenging scenario where the Chief has strong opinions about decor and has different taste than me. 

He likes this vanity:

I like this one:

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

He likes this coffee table (he actually has one like this but longer… it was one of the first things I put in storage when we got married…)

I like this one:

What does a person do with these differences in taste?  Pout, wheedle, ignore, mow down, insult? 

Bad ideas!  (It is slightly possible that that is experience speaking there.)

I’ve discovered a few foundational principles through trial and error that make combining the styles of two very different people not only possible, but delightful. 

  1. Find where your styles overlap
  2. Learn how to use more than one style in a room gracefully
  3. Compromise: it may not be what either of you had as your first choice, but if it makes both of you at least moderately happy, it’s a win.

Now for the tease: this was originally going to be a single long post, but as I worked on it, it became clear that it would be way too long.  So I’ll go into detail on my three foundational principles in a second post – look for it this weekend!