That’s a pun because I’m looking for a farmhouse table on Craigslist, see?  Har har :) Last week I found an amazing used one from World Market, whose tables are heavy and sturdy, and it was totally underpriced.  It had fat, unique, curvy turned legs, was a great warm brown, came with a leaf, and was the perfect size.  I emailed the seller but someone else got there first.  Aaarrrghhh!!  Since then I’ve had my Craigslist search page open on a tab at work and am refreshing it every hour at the most. Losing the “perfect” piece can make you craaazy like that, you know?

My initial requirements for this table were:

  • mid brown tabletop, painted legs OK
  • solid surface that does not have crumb-collecting cracks between planks
  • interesting turned legs positioned at the corners and a rectangular shape

Today I took a closer look at the tables I’d pinned on my Dining/Table board, and I realized I could modify my search a bit.  Several of the tables I really love have some sort of trestle leg arrangement.  So long as they’re placed so that knees and pushed-in chairs don’t hit them, I’m planning to include that as a possibility as I search.  I also noticed that I like the ones that aren’t painted at all the best.  I might still end up with painted legs – it depends what I find – but that’s something good to be aware of.

I found this neat table today while toying with the idea of building my own table (ha!  given what I want, that’s just impatience speaking) and realized painting the legs brown could work, if it initially comes with white, black or green legs.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

These are a few of my other favorite tables. You can definitely see the similarities from table to table.

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

I’m having fun looking on Craigslist, but I will probably also head out to a huge furniture resale store I know and see what they have. Their prices are low and their selection is big enough to make it worth the trip. I plan to visit that store with my mom when she comes to visit in three weeks, if I don’t find what I want before then!