Yes I am still blogging weekly!  I get nervous when I read things like that on other peoples’ posts.   I was stumped last week for what to write about, and that coupled with the dog day heat of August basically made me very lazy :)  Hence no post.  

I have come to an important realization in my home decorating habits.   Well, that’s not really true.  I came to this realization probably about six months ago.  But I think (I think!) that it may finally have sunk in, if the past month is any indication.   You see, I realized a while back that my love of decorating generated an urge to see constant progress in my own home. 

Lacking progress, I was ok with settling for change.  Sew some new cushions.  Add or subtract a few accessories.   Try to stencil a plain lampshade (disastrous, by the way, it went straight in the trash and you never heard anything about it).   Basically I was spending my money and my time on little clutter projects that didn’t really satisfy me in the long run and didn’t move my home forward. 

Egad!  Was I at last internalizing the value of quality over quantity?  Well… no.  I still had the urge to do a few little projects every month, but I started working on how NOT to have the urge.  Ha!  Or at least how to choose the big picture plan over the desire for immediate gratification. 

You see, although we are not exactly young kids, the Chief and I both came into marriage with very little furniture.   I rented rooms and he rented out rooms.   I had two bookshelves and some linens.  He had an old sofa set, a bed, and a cafe table.   You see the problem.   So when I realized I was squandering my decorating power on little clutter projects, I made a list of what we most needed and wanted to make our home more comfortable, permanent feeling, well made, and good looking. 

The Vital and Important House Furnishings List:

  • sturdy farmhouse-type table (see previous post)
  • California King bed (we definitely need a new mattress, and the Chief has longed for a Cal King forever)
  • new sofa – we want a sectional that invites the whole family to lounge togther
  • living room rug to ground and enhance the main living space

I should mention that a plus side of the little clutter project phase is that it’s taken time to sort out what we may want stylistically from these items.  Like a lot of people new and enthusiastic about design, I found myself liking EVERYTHING trendy… until I got it home.  I’ll be writing another post about finding our style.

And now, dear readers, I come to my [wordy] conclusion at last.   I have not bought anything for the house for the whole month of August, and I have not wanted to.   Hopefully this is not just a symptom of the late summer heat.  Hopefully this is my mind’s resolution making it through to my heart. 

What do I really want?  Do I want to spend $15 on a flowerpot here and $29 on a lamp there?   No!  I want a rug – a bed – a table – a sofa.   We currently have a financial priority that is going to take most of our savings for a while, but I do have the budget to go after a dining room table.   And I mean not to waste those precious dollars on tempting discounts that waylay my eye!  I want, say it with me, a rug – a bed – a table – a sofa.  And by golly that’s what we’re going to get.

I can’t be the only person to come to this realization about the little clutter projects.  Or the only person on a small decorating budget.  How do you handle large purchases?  Do you find yourself tempted to go for the instant gratification?  What is YOUR best method for moving your home decor forward in a substantial way?