I said in this post that though I was very happy with the overall results with the living room curtains, I’d fastened the tieback hooks a bit too far out from the curtains for perfect aesthetics but was going to leave them that way unless they kept bugging me.  Well, they bugged me every time I looked at them for two weeks.  That meant it was time to redo them.

This time around I stuck pushpins in the wall where I thought it would work and looped the tiebacks over the pins, then stepped back (what I should have done the first time) to survey the results.  I made a number of small holes in the wall, but having to do 10 minutes’ worth of patching and painting this week will be worth it for finally getting the perfect placement.

The first thing I realized was that my tiebacks were going to be too long for their new placement.  I frowned at them for a minute, considering cutting and regluing and all that hassle, then realized the quickest way to shorten a piece of rope is to tie a knot in it.  Bingo!  I literally took a tieback in my hands, said, “Self, tie a sailor’s knot in this,” and my hands made this:

I googled it and I don’t think it’s a kosher knot, but hey, it works for me and my curtains.

Know what? The knots make the curtains look even richer.  Talk about a win/win situation.  Here’s what we ended up with.



After:  not only are the proportions better and the knotting more elegant, you can now see the beautiful corner block molding that the Chief installed.  All in all it makes a nice detail for the room.

Now for a full view.



After:  See how the curtain doesn’t look dragged off to the side anymore?  Much better.


So that really is it for this project.  I’m really glad to have it crossed off the list and not bugging me any more.


Ahh, harmony.

How about you?

Does it bug you when proportions are a little off?  Any little tweaks you need to get around to so that you stop noticing it every time you go by?  Or do you think curtains are just a hassle to get right every time?