It’s getting closer, you guys! We really are going to paint our whole darn house! The arrival of Summer Heat has slowed down our mojo with house projects the last several weeks. We’ve been spending the weekends reading books and napping and not vaccuuming (me) or flipping cars [by which I mean fixing and selling them] in between drinking homebrewed beer (the Chief).  You can tell who is the get-it-done personality style and who is the savor-and-enjoy :)

Here’s the thing.  We bought 5 gallons of Behr exterior paint early this year when they had a really good rebate/sale going on.  At the time I didn’t have the trace of a thought about changing the color of our house, so I mildly looked on as the Chief handed a painted-over house number to the associate so she could match it with her paint spectrometer, and we walked out with a whole lot of matching paint.

When we redid the garage door…

We painted the new I-beam and some stained parts of the house with our new 5 gallons and discovered that that house number must have been a wee bit dirty, because the new paint was a definite shade grayer than the old cream-colored paint.  No biggie.  I actually liked it better that way.  Gray is the new brown, you know!  Oh wow, did I actually just say that…?  Well… IT IS TRUE.

Now, since we haven’t actually gotten around to applying the paint yet, I am thinking that maybe I should take the chance to tweak our color and I want your opinion.

You can see from this photo what the new paint is going to look like, compared to the current color.  Just a tad muddier.  Our house is basically the same color as the two houses on either side of it at the present, which is another reason why a color change might be good, but it’s better than theirs because it has a black-brown roof and a bright red door :-D  That is my genuine, unbiased opinion.

QUESTION:  I’m toying with the idea of going just a bit darker and neutral-ing out some of the yellowy cast.  Should I haul the 5 gallons back to the Depot and get them to tint it?  If so what should I tell them to add?  Black? Brown?  The darkest color off the paint chip that is the color I want the house to end up?  How do you think this experiment would turn out?  Thanks for your input!