Our home is a little short on lighting, so I’ve started to keep an eye out in thrift stores for graceful lamps. There is a nagging voice in the back of my head that says I ought to have some kind of plan for what I’m looking for… but you know, I kind of enjoy the hunt and pounce method :-D  We don’t have so much stuff in our house that I need to be carefully editing every addition.

I found this great brass lamp at my local thrift store recently and it just makes me grin when I look at it.  Don’t you love when that happens?  I can’t even explain why I like it so much cause it’s a fairly basic, traditional lamp.  It’s a classic pineapple shape, solid heavy brass, with a great soft patina. It’s not the loud yellow shiny brass at all.

 I didn’t like brass anything for a long time because it was so dated, but the minute it started getting trendy again I went, wait a minute, I’m a gold girl (only color jewelry metal I wear), this is great! So I got me a brass lamp.

$7.99! Don’t you love that kind of pricing?

I’m thinking I’ll dress it up with a black lampshade like this lamp.

However, the Chief dislikes drum shades so I’ll have to see what else I can find out there.  Maybe something like this?  ***sorry about this bad text alignment after the Pinterest embeds – I can’t figure out how to make it go away!***

The only problem is, I have no idea where I’m going to put this beauty. It’s big!  If I do a black shade on it, it should go against a light wall so it doesn’t disappear.  Hmmm… still thinking.

What have you found at the thrift stores or yard sales that made you happy lately?