Ever find yourself looking for something you know you’re not really in the market for yet?  Yeah, this.

I’ve started window-shopping for a new living room rug and am leaning toward an oriental one.  Did you know that an ideal place to start decorating a room is with a rug?  It’s much easier to pull colors out of a great rug than try to find a rug that goes well with all the various hues you already have going on.  (Thanks, Bossy Color!)  It will give you that certain je-ne-sais-quoi “finished” look to your space if you can decide your accent colors and neutral undertones based on your fabulous rug. 

I’m lucky (wow, never thought I’d say THAT!) to have old black sofas that I do not intend to keep, because this means I can get a rug first and furniture with the same undertones later.  My living room colors are partly in place, being cobalt blue, rust red, and a touch of aqua against some warm woods.  Luckily blue and red are pretty easy to find in oriental rugs.  My living room walls, though, are open to paint!  I can choose something that is absolutely lovely next to the rug that I end up with.  And it will be amazing. 

There are not too many times when I want to post pretty pictures of stuff to buy, but these rugs… well I just saw them and drooled as my heart fluttered and my breath went hyperventilating.   I traveled in Turkey for a month one summer in college and saw some gorgeous rugs.  These measure up.  The size I want is about $800, and they are all from Safavieh’s Turkistan collection.  Did I mention my future rug budget will be around $200?  I think most young people have champagne taste and a beer budget.

For your viewing pleasure:

Gorgeous, aren’t they?

I’m hoping to find my [perfect, affordable, beautiful] rug this fall, probably at a tent sale or Home Goods.  Wish me luck!

Where have you found good oriental rugs in the past?