When we put in the shiny new red door a couple weeks ago, I mentioned that we would be framing it later this summer.  Well as seen in the last post, that plus a lot of windows got done all of a sudden, bam!  The Chief can work like lightning when he’s on a roll.  Frames on everything!

I once heard a friend explain that she wore makeup because things like eyeliner and lipstick worked to frame beauty that was already there.  So, does framing in windows and painting the door red mean my house is putting on eyeliner and lipstick?

Let’s talk about where this house came from.  When the Chief inherited it, it was in bad repair.  Among other things, one day he had a chance to use a paint sprayer for about 20 minutes and painted the whole front of the house (but just the front) with a bucket of mixed leftover paint.  He also updated most of the windows that were falling to pieces and stuck new ones in.  Then he got on with making the inside of the house more livable. The end.  This is the Chief living in the house:

If this house were a person, I imagine that she fell on hard times and got down.  One day, along came a friend who brought her hope with his energy and enthusiasm and she straightened her posture, started washing her hair every day again, and maybe even put on some lip gloss in the mornings.   She spent the next few years doing some inner healing work, sorting through the old garbage and letting in the light.  Now she’s got energy again, and life in her, and is starting to feel prettier every week.  She’s started to experiment with bright lipstick and wearing classy outfits.  She says hi to the neighbors and might even start sharing homemade cookies with them.  It feels good to be where she is!

Here’s the exterior before the window on the right extension and the front door were framed.  It’s not glaring, but there’s something missing.  No framing on that right-hand window (or the door)!  There’s just a 1″ gap between it and the siding.

Here’s the Chief getting ready to cut the channel wider so he can tap in some 1×3’s.

A closeup of the corner in all its guttery glory:

And the raw wood framing the window after nailing in 1×3’s for a simple frame:

And here’s the final product!  After the Chief did his magic with the saw and nails and caulk, I came in to prime and paint till it was all shiny and white.

Niiiiice, huh?  Yes we know the house needs painting and that is coming up on the list.

Front  door before:

Front door after:

And a nice wider angle exterior shot that shows both areas framed out… You can just make out the white frame on the door: it is nearly impossible to get any definition on that deep, overhung, north-facing corner with the limited photo tools I have.

Doesn’t the house look like Michigan in winter in this late light?  Oh, and maybe also because THERE IS NOTHING GROWING in the flower bed!  That’s right, we took out all the flowers in the front garden bed.  Looks like a house in need of a little painting and landscaping, doesn’t it?  And that, my friends, is exactly what it’s going to get, and is also a story for another post.

By the way, do you have any suggestions for a good Photoshop-basics type of photo editing program?  I’m just getting my toes wet with photography and would love some suggestions!

Anyone else make up personified stories about their houses?  I think you can tell I have fun with that :)