My husband sure can get stuff done.

This weekend, while I was busy napping or something, he ran ahead of the camera and stuccoed in the gaps that ran all around the bathroom and bedroom windows.  He also thought of and executed a brand new idea in about 2 hours –  nailing siding over the extremely disreputable looking plywood-enclosed patio out back.  AND framed its window.  I’m telling you the man can work.

Bathroom Window

Bedroom Window

Enclosed Back Patio

I sure wish I had a “before” on that back patio room because it previously was covered in plywood that looked more or less like this, with strips of tar paper and insulation foam flapping in the breeze:

I’m so proud of him!  Doesn’t the back look amazing?  It actually looks like house instead of an afterthought shack.  We are VERY CLOSE to being able to paint the house now.   In my next post I’m going to show you the shiny new trim we installed and painted around the front door and window… with a little surprise having to do with the garden bed!  And yes I did get “before” shots of those things.

What about you?  Does the summer seem to make your house projects take off like us?  Are you busy doing other things?  Anybody else in the midst of some high-impact exterior upgrades?