Our home’s exterior has been improving slowly but surely.  I like to think that the outside has gone from looking like an, ahem, fixer upper, to a happy little starter home.  Maybe in 5 years more it will look like a wonderful jewel box of a cottage.   In the last 18 months the Chief particularly has done a lot of work  (with some help from friends).  We’ve replaced the sagging and dangerous wooden garage door and frame with steel and a shiny new automatic door, we’ve gotten a lawn and a good sprinkler schedule, we’ve limbed the pine tree, put out some flowerpots, and now…

We’ve painted the front door red.

This has been a tedious process, well rewarded by the high impact results.  Three times has the Chief removed the door’s hardware and taken it off the hinges, and yea three times have I brushed and sanded and primed and painted, and yet again three times has the Chief re-installed the door and all its hardware.  It was a pre-primed steel door and I did a lot of research to figure out what a good, durable method would be for painting it – here’s the link if you’re interested.

I was the one who wanted the door to have COLOR, as it was previously unpainted and a dingy bluish-white.  The only color the Chief wanted was red, which was fine by me.  There was a House Beautiful issue a while back where one designer described the red door on a recent project to be like a big welcome home kiss, and that’s what I think of when I look at our door.

Here’s our house – still plenty to do, yes, but we have come a long way!

And here is our red, red front door.   (We’ll be framing it in this summer.)

WELCOME HOME!  It is also extremely cheery to look at when driving away to work in the morning.  It makes me look forward to coming home again.  I have seen front doors in other great colors, such as bright yellow, eggplant, cranberry, and various blues, but I think that red is really the best choice for our house.  It goes well with the pale yellow paint and the charcoal black roof.  We plan to paint the house trim white (currently blue-gray) and give it a classic, yet cheerful look.  Doesn’t it just make you smile?