A few weeks ago, my husband made some extra money on a side job, handed me $50, and said “Go buy something pretty.”  Because he is awesome.

Well!  Most of the time something pretty means something pretty for the house.

One of the major things I wanted to do after the living room makeover from MyDesign was to unify and strengthen the impact of colorful accessories in that room.   I had a brown, yellow, and rust-red scheme of sorts going, but the minute spring arrived it all felt dull and sad.  I ultimately decided to remove yellow from my color scheme and replace it with aquas and robin’s egg blue.  Much more lively and suitable for our climate.

With my $50 play money I bought some neat materials for throw pillows in rust red and light green-blue.

pillow fabric

Pretty, huh? 

And then came the blow.  I had purchased a New Lamp which my husband actually liked, but when I told him I was planning to repaint the base robin’s egg blue, he froze and let me know he hates light blues… of all shades and colors.  


I knew he disliked baby blue, and so do I, but it never occurred to me that this hatred would extend to the greeny blue shades I love to wear and was looking forward to using in my, wait, it is actually OUR home.   I pointed out how the living room was currently all brown and red and that I desperately wanted some more color.  Since the Chief’s feelings are important to me, I suggested a compromise on the color palette by making my light blue-greens a 10% factor and bringing in cobalt blue as a more major player.  Keeping a masculine-feminine balance that we both like is hard, people!  

Anyway, I’m not sure what I’ll do with my rad asian turquoise print and hope I didn’t totally waste that money, but I was going for a feel like this:

Ha ha, like mine will come out looking that sharp!  But whatever pillow covers I end up with, they’ll still make me happy :)

Someday the time will come to buy a new sofa and I will no longer have to make do with very old and worn-out black leather bachelor sofas to set off beautiful throw pillows.  Ahh… I dream…