Ok, there won’t be an “after” peek of the living room for at least a week – our house’s 70 year old underground pipes finally developed a slab leak, so the Chief spent the weekend running all new pipes for the whole house through the attic and walls.  I helped.  We are beat.  Thankfully the house has water again (yay! for a wonderful, skilled husband) but the drywall holes still need to be patched and the contents of three closets and cupboards are piled across the house.  So, no photos for a while. 

However, I’ve been wanting to share something awesome-smelling that happened to me!

I love perfume because scent is so evocative/ transporting/ atmospheric/ emotional.   As the seasons shift I start to yearn for different types of fragrances.  Here’s what some of my favorite late spring/midsummer perfumes “feel” like to me:

Annick Goutal Le Chevrefeuille: light, cheerful, dancing, sunshine yellow, flowers in your hair


Diptyque Philosykos:  On a hot day it smells like moist earth under a shady fig tree


Tauer L’Air du Desert Marocain:  Bone-dry incense in the desert, hanging in the still air


Dior Escale A Portofino:  A garden staircase arched over with honeysuckle and mock orange and sparkling dapples of sunlight

Now the exciting part – one of the best perfume blogs out there is Now Smell This, and it has a weekly feature called the Monday Mail.  Readers will write in asking for perfume recommendations based on what they’ve already tried and liked or disliked, and they usually get 40 to 60 responses from their fellow perfume hobbyists.  I’ve been dissatisifed with my current selection of summer-heat perfume options and a few months ago I decided to write in to get on the Monday Mail waiting list.  

You can find the whole post here.  I said I wanted something that would make me feel light and energetic, summery,  feminine but not too sweet.   I have to admit that my list of likes and dislikes got kind of long and picky, so to encourage the responders I made sure to be active in the comment section as I have noticed in previous Monday Mails that this makes people more willing to think their best for you :)  Including my replies, there were over 70 comments!

I’m very, very excited to try some of the new things suggested by people who are more familiar with the world of perfume than I am and I’ll definitely let you know what I decide to try and how it goes. 

The sad thing is, my turn on the Monday Mail came up more quickly than I’d expected – I figured I’d be up to bat in May or so, when the summer weather would be here to complement my request for summer perfumes.  Instead, my turn came in March literally a week after I received a big order of summery perfume samples that I had already had on my list to try, and the weather has been too cold to even try those until just recently.  So my Monday Mail gloryful list of stuff to try probably won’t even happen till the far end of summer this year.  But I console myself with the thought of how much good stuff I have to look forward to.