I finally unpacked my sewing machine, two or possibly even three years after bringing it home.

A few years ago when I was visiting my parents in Michigan, my mom insisted that I fly her spare sewing machine with me as my second free piece of checked baggage.  The trouble was that once I had it back with me in California, it languished in the unreachable reaches of the closets in the rented rooms I lived in for the next dozens of months.  When you are living your life in the smallest bedroom in another person/family’s house, there is not really a place for a craft table.  Now, over a year after getting married, I finally acquired a craft table and cleared out a place for it in the back room.

I opened the machine’s shipping box and then spent a good hour using Goo Gone to remove all the duct tape residue on it.  My mom had packed it very, very, well… duct taping down everything not attached to the machine.  Goo… lots of goo…  in the end I had a shiny, orange-scented machine with all the little extra parts still intact and a set of filled bobbins and mini thread spools.

Th first thing I sewed after getting reacquainted with how to thread the durn thing was the lower covering on my drum seats.  See how I had to match up the pattern and sew carefully?  I think I did a pretty good job for a total amateur!  I actually couldn’t find the spot when I went to take a picture.

matched up pattern seam

And the second thing was an envelope pillowcase.  It is the first one I have ever made and I simply watched this video on YouTube, then went for it.  I consider it a practice run – I did line up the pattern at the seams but forgot to center it, and the fabric shows little snags from my cats after just a couple weeks.

my first pillow

The important thing is, the horizons have OPENED UP! I am no longer confined to no-sew/low-sew projects using iron-on hem fusing or hand stitching.  This is to home decorating what an electric mixer is to baking.  Thanks, Industrial Revolution!